We have lots of exciting new products on the way! This year we are particularly proud to introduce brushless motors and LED lights as standard in all models manufactured at Røros. A brushless motor can reduce the power consumption of a kitchen hood by up to 85%. RørosHetta is Norwegian-produced, environmentally-friendly and local kitchen ventilation! Isn’t that fantastic?

Also see our new Eco-certification. Models with these labels are delivered for normal ventilation with brushless motors and LED lights. These models are displayed both on our website and in our new catalogue.

New wooden hood production

The demand for large, well-designed kitchen hoods is increasing. Cutting-edge production equipment is now installed for production of wooden hoods with painted MDF or oak. Our “English Niche”, Tradition, is now delivered with doors that resemble several kitchen fronts. Read more about this and custom-made by measurement on page 37 of our new catalogue.
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Furniture fronts for the cooling drawer

The market’s largest cooling drawer with a sealed bottom and nice interior can now be integrated with 3 different furniture fronts. Standard dimension: 896 × 348 mm. See page 73 in our new catalogue. If you want a front made of steel, we offer this as well.
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Stove monitor

Stove monitors are required in all new homes or renovations where the countertop is moved or replaced. The market’s “test-winner” stove monitor is discreetly integrated into all design hoods labelled with KV or the 600/602 series designed to integrate with upper cabinets. Read more on page 62 and 63 in our new catalogue.
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New hood models

Heaven – our new ceiling fan designed to integrate into ceiling/or niche. It is available in 90 and 120 cm widths, both models sporting a steel finish and LED lights. Remote control included, of course. Max capacity 980 m3/hr.
Slimline model 392-10 / B – now we have an elegant slimline model for mounting in upper cabinets, delivered for balanced ventilation and additionally equipped with LED lights. This model is supplied with an aluminium front edge strip.