The world's smartest cooker hood

With our new technology RørosHetta Sense, you don’t have to give the kitchen ventilation a second thought.

You can just concentrate on your cooking – and the technology in the cooker hood will take care of the rest. Eleven built-in sensors automatically ensure optimal odour capture at all times. All the technology is hidden in the cooker hood, so you can choose the design that suits you and your kitchen best. Good ventilation is important for our health. It ensures that cooking smells and other contaminants are replaced with fresh, clean air. Your cooker hood, then, performs a crucial job for your indoor air quality.

However, we know that many fi nd it diffi cult to use the fan correctly – and especially to set it to the right power setting at the right time. Today’s airtight homes can make it particularly diffi cult to ensure optimal air exchange.



We have taken on the task of making kitchen ventilation completely worry-free for you. We are the fi rst manufacturer in the world to have integrated 11 smart sensors into the cooker hood. Th e hood starts automatically and constantly adapts to the amount of cooking smells in the room.

With our new RørosHetta Sense, all you need to think about is cooking your food. Our technology takes care of the rest – silently and without worry.

Th e 11 sensors measure, among other things, temperature, organic odours, CO2, CO, particulate levels and humidity levels in the air. Using a variety of algorithms based on a large number of cooking situations, the smart hood knows exactly how to respond to ensure optimal odour capture and indoor air quality at all times. The reference values are based on the World Health Organization guidelines for indoor air quality.

Many of us turn on the fan too late. But RørosHetta Sense gets running before the food starts to create any steam. Th e levels are then adjusted seamlessly so you
can enjoy cooking.

Good ventilation after the meal has been served is also important, to get all the cooking smells out of the home – something many of us forget. RørosHetta Sense there-fore leaves the fan on after the cooking is fi nished, but in silent mode so as not to disturb your meal.

The hood can also be easily put into manual mode, if you want to override the automatic settings.



You can use the app to monitor the quality of the air in your kitchen, allowing you to ensure it remains as high as possible. You can also keep an eye on and control the cooking – such as seeing how long the food has been cooking with and without a lid, or what temperature you need the pan to be to start frying your steak.

RørosHetta Sense is a natural part of a smart home, and it communicates with systems such as Apple HomeKit™ and Google Home™.





Almost half of the Fire Brigade’s callouts are due to cooker fi res, and stove guards have proved to be a very eff ective way of preventing fi res. A stove guard warns you if the hob gets too hot, and cuts off the power if no one responds to the warning. Our stove guard, which is under constant development, is the most advanced of its kind on the market. RørosHetta Sense’s own heat sensors also provide extra security, by warning with lights and sounds if the temperature gets too high. You will also be notifi ed on your phone.

The Sense technology is hidden in the cooker hood, so you can choose the design that suits you and your kitchen best.


All the hoods supplied with RørosHetta Sense technology are produced at our factory in Røros. We offer a wide range of designs to choose from, but inside they are the same.