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Panorama 120

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Panorama is the fan that allows you to enjoy as much air, light and views as possible. The bench fan is located behind the induction hob, and does its job very efficiently while you are cooking. When not in use, it discreetly pulls down on the kitchen counter. It offers great opportunities to design a minimalist kitchen entirely on your own terms – with uninterrupted panoramic views.

Panorama 120 will be launched in January 2023. 

The product is not for sale through our website, only through our retailers.


Panorama 120 is a technological marvel, with a fan and hob in one. The fan can be raised up to 30 cm up from the hob and which provides optimal ventilation at high boilers. When you are not cooking, lower it all the way into the hob. It does not take up more space than a regular hob, plus 16.5 cm at the back of the base cabinet, which means that there is plenty of space for drawers underneath. Panorama 120 has 5 cooking zones that can be connected by a bridge.

Panorama gives you full flexibility across the hob, with the flue tower lying undisturbed at the back. At the same time, the exhaust tower functions as an integrated spray panel at the rear. When the fan is not in use, the surface with the tower immersed is left clean and smooth.

Panorama is located at the back of the worktop cabinet and therefore provides good space utilization. You can place drawers under the entire hob, with a depth of 40 cm.

Panorama can be used for normal ventilation. If you have normal ventilation, the air will be blown out down by the floor. You can also use Panorama with recirculation, but then you need a longline monoblockfilter KIT (900 hours) as a supplement.

Panorama 120 can be delivered from January 2023.

Additional information

1180 cm

Metal / Colour

Black glass

Ventilation forms

Sunt out, Recirculation

Energy class


Extraction m3/t


Noise level dBA


Outlet dimensions mm


Ventilation tower, hight

0-30 cm, adjustable

Cooking zones

5 x 3000 W

Cooking zones, size

4 x 24,00×22,00 cm + 1 x Ø 28,0 cm

Touch panel

Yes, white sliders

Number of power steps, hob

9 + Power + Super Power

Flexible cooking zones

Yes (2x)

Bridge function

Yes, automatic

Stop & Go




Safety look hob


Keep-warm function

Yes (70 degrees)

Grill function





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