Make your kitchen hood in the design you want, the colour you want and the size you want so it will fit your kitchen!


Luna in high gloss steel in special high.

Our cooker hoods are a handmade product, allowing you endless possibilities to design a hood according to your personal style. You can play with materials, shapes and colours. We custom-make hoods down to the millimetre. Want an extra-wide hood? Or a free-hanging hood under a high ceiling? No problem – we’ll handle it. Send us a sketch with measurements for a no-obligation quote.







Mantica in special with, lacquered in black.
Luna 60 in bushed brass with special chimney.
Mantica island hood in white specially cut to fit the angle of the ceiling.


With a number of our cooker hoods, you are free to choose the colour at no extra charge. You can seek inspiration in the variety of colours in the mines of Røros, the view outside your window or the colours of your furniture. You are free to choose any colour from the colour systems. Your hood will then be lacquered to match your kitchen – completely to your own style. Unleash your creativity and design a cooker hood exactly the way you want it.

You can be inspired by the houses in the neighborhood.
Or from the mines at Røros in Norway.