Røros Metall – Generations of Innovation

The story of RørosHetta is also the story of the Røros World Heritage Site. About how one succeeds in making something big in a small place. For hundreds of years, the Copper Workshop in Bergstaden has delivered world-class engineering. Throughout the ages, the traditional and the modern have gone hand in hand in this fairy tale-like city in the mountains.

Copper has also played a lead role in Røros Metall. Innovation has been at the core of the family business from day one.

We journey across the world looking for inspiration, and mesh international trends with local creative power. The goal is always to make the world’s best kitchen hood.

Norwegian mountain air

Circulating clean and fresh air, that’s what RørosHetta is all about. The kitchen hoods are eye-catchers in themselves, but sound-wise they don’t draw much attention. We strive for ventilation systems that provide peace and quiet.

Inspired by the untouched forests and endless expanses surrounding Røros, we move air to make it feel as natural as possible.


If you choose RørosHetta, you have endless possibilities of forming a kitchen hood according to your personal style. You can play with materials, shapes and colours in unlimited combinations. We customise kitchen hoods to the millimetre, and you get a functional design that adorns the kitchen wall. We help set the right atmosphere and provide clean air in the home.

Or maybe you want a kitchen hood that is not visible at all? We also have “invisible” hoods that you lift off the stovetop when you need them. No matter what, the most important thing is a good indoor climate in the heart of the house. The kitchen is the place where the family meets for everyday life and parties.

About the company

Ventilation, kitchen hoods and refrigerated units are the pillars that have borne Røros Metall through its over 70-year history. Røros Metall started as a copper and tin shop in 1946. Over the course of these years, production has been diverse and has always been performed with a clear vision of delivering high-quality, solid craftsmanship.

The development thus far has led to small and large changes in our selection. Innovation and creativity in product development have been our focus. Together with reliability and high credibility, this is the foundation to our success today.

About the Røros World Heritage Site

Mining and urban agriculture have created a completely unique mountain city – a man-made wonder of exceptional cultural value which gained the status of world heritage in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list already in 1980. The Røros Museum, Olav Mine and Røros Church are all well worth a visit, and the ambiance in towns such as Sleggveien and Flanderborg is incomparable. In the streets, you will find a vibrant artisan scene, workshop outlets, small distinctive shops and fine dining featuring local cuisine and using seasonal produce.

In 1644, copper ore was discovered in Rørosfjella at a time when only a few small mountain farms dotted the landscape. Already in 1646, the first smelting hut was built at Malmplassen, which became the centre of this burgeoning mountain town. Over 333 years, the city has merged trends from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Trondheim and neighbouring towns. This is why the unique wooden buildings bear so much of the finest in Norwegian and Northern European tradition; in this small, strange city 600 metres above sea level.

The mountain town of Røros is still preserved as it was built in the 1700s and 1800s, with traditional structures almost exclusively built in wood. The street pattern and the farm properties in the city centre remain to this day as they were first drawn up in the 17th century, inspired by continental ideas and ancient Norwegian architecture. The traditional farm, with houses for people and livestock around a square courtyard, has been taken from the countryside and into Røros in the form of townhouses that are tightly gathered in small urban communities.