One og the most silent hoods on the market


Step 1: 191 m³/h
Step 2: 222 m³/h
Step 3: 289 m³/h
Step 4: 435 m³/h
Boost: 664 m³/h


Noise pollution is a relative thing. It could be a jet plane taking off or a colleague loudly slurping coffee. In the kitchen,it’s the noisy cooker hood that spoils the culinary experience… but it doesn’t have to be. We are often asked, what is the most important function to consider, extraction level or noise? The truth is, whilst effective extraction remains the most important function, it is irrelevant if the cook does not use the hood because of the noise. Sadly, this is veryoften the case. Surveys show that the cooker hood noise remains one of the biggest frustrations in kitchens, and the main reason why many do not use the hood at all. The result is sadly a hood that is often nothing more than an ugly ornamental light.

Our RørosHetta SENSE hoods are one of the most silent hoods on the market – and because it’s fully automatic, it also means that it will always extract at optimal levels, thus further reducing noise and energy waste.

Step 1: 34 dBA
Step 2: 38 dBA
Step 3: 44 dBA
Step 4: 53 dBA
Boost: 63 dBA

RørosHetta Sense has LED light strips with colour rendering ability from crisp bright to a warm glow (between 2700-5000K), allowing you to adjust the light to fit the mood of the kitchen.

RørosHetta SENSE operates completely automatically, but can be controlled manually or remotely with our app,  which is downloadable from the iOS App Store as RørosHetta, or on Google Play as ‘Safera’.