RørosHetta comes in many different shapes and metals. The steel hoods are treated to prevent finger marks, and can be lacquered in any colour. You also have many exciting options made of brushed brass or copper. We have high gloss hoods made of brass, copper or steel. Choose the one that suits your taste and your kitchen. We’re happy to help you choose.

You decide!

RørosHetta comes in many different sizes and shapes. Many of our hoods have several different standard dimensions. We are very flexible, and can deliver many of our models with custom dimensions so that your RørosHetta fits perfectly!


We strive for the hoods that are durable and long-lived. Most of our steel hoods are treated with anti-fingerprint to reduce finger marks. The stainless-steel hoods are treated with a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating. These production methods produce less harmful waste and are better for the environment.

Colour Options

We can deliver our hoods in any colour. Do you want it to be dark, bright, colourful or drab? We lacquer in precisely the colour you want, at no additional cost. If you are looking to match another interior exactly, just give us the proper colour code (NCS or RAL). We also have completely unique techniques that provide very special finishes. Look around on our website and you’re sure to get some great ideas.


Several of our more traditional models feature wood or wooden mantels. We offer oak, MDF or birch, but we can also order other wood types if you wish. Here you can also choose colours and surfaces that match the rest of the kitchen. We are happy to adapt to your kitchen model, whether your kitchen is painted, lacquered, stained or oiled. Naturally, we do this at no extra cost. If you want to match your solid wood counter then Grue, Here and Rubin can help.