Worktop extractor fans have been the biggest trend in in Norway – in particular a variation where the hob surface and extractor are combined into one product. Røros One are completely unique in this market. Røros One was selected as the winner of the renowned design award “Red Dot Winner” for its stylish design. Even if the design of Røros One is unique it has not been to the detriment of its function.

Røros One has a patented ventilation tower which rises 11cm up from the hob surface. This means that the extractor is at the same level as your saucepans and ensures a particularly effective extracting function. Furthermore, the extractor tower is equipped with a unique breaker which means that you can concentrate up to 80% of efficiency on one side. This increases capacity when you need it. And you can reduce noise and energy consumption when the extractor is set at a lower intensity. The hob surface consists of a sheer black glass top which you cannot see through, even in strong sunlight. Through the four individual white sliders you can control the four comprehensive zones at the same time. With the automatic heater sensors and bridging functions, you can place your saucepans anywhere on the glass hob. Røros One also has a precise temperature control. With push-button control the Røros One can maintain 3 separate temperatures for a saucepan precisely.

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– a little above the ordinary!