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Titan is a modern and stylish cooker hood offering many options.

Titan has RørosHetta Sense technology integrated in the hood.

The product is not for sale through our website, only through our retailers.


It is available in standard widths of 60 or 90 cm, with or without chimney. Titan is also available in custom heights and widths, and in all our metals and colours.

It is additional charge for matt or high-gloss fi nish, PVD copper, steel, black steel or brass, in brushed or high-gloss finish.

Additional information

60 cm, h=43 cm, with chimnes, 60 cm, h=43 cm, with chimney, 60 cm, h=57,6 cm, without chimney, 60 cm, h=57,6 cm, without chimney, 90 cm, h=57,6 cm, 90 cm, h=57,6 cm

Ventilation forms

Duct-out, Recirculation, Ekstern engine, Central ventilation, Balanced ventilation, Common Exhaust

Metal / Colour

Brushed steel, Colours

Energy class


Extraction m3/t

191/222/289/435 (B 664)

Sound level dBA

34/38/44/53 (B 63)


LED 2700-5000K

Outlet dimensions

125 / 150

Height of wall attatcment

The height of the hood minus 10 mm


Tips and advices

The diameter, length and number of bends in the duct affects the efficiency of your extraction.

Often, the actual extraction is half of the motor capacity, due to poor installation. Use ducting that creates the least possible resistance. This means using ducting that is as smooth as possible inside with as few bends possible. In the case of flexible ducting, make sure the ducting is taught. Try to keep the distance of the ducting as short as possible. In situations where the distance is large and requires lots of bends, it’s best to get a hood with the highest possible extraction to compensate for the loss.


Here you can download documents in PDF-format.

Product Sheet: Click here

User manual:
Click here
Installation instructions: Click here
Installation of long-life charcoal filter: Click here

Installation video: Click here

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